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Ideally, most companies aim for 100% productivity across their organization. So how can you leverage an outside resource to increase you productivity?

If you, or any of your staff, are spending time and effort on employer-related compliance or administration - by definition, you are wasting productivity. Imagine a company where 100% of your employees are engaged in profitable, productive activities!

With Team One Alliance, we make that possible. Through our comprehensive human resouces, employee benefits, payroll, and risk management service offerings, our team of industry experts can provide you the tools, resources, and expertise to improve and capitalze on your productivity across the board.

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Alleviate the Payroll

Efficient payroll management is key to business success. Utilize modern software or outsource for accurate and timely payments, allowing you to focus on core operations and enhance overall productivity.

Streamlined Online Payroll Solutions

Streamlined online payroll solutions revolutionize payroll management for businesses. With user-friendly interfaces and automation, tasks are executed seamlessly, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Cloud-based accessibility enhances security and efficiency. Embracing these solutions empowers businesses to focus on growth and innovation, confident in efficient payroll operations.


Tailored payroll solutions for specific industries streamline payroll processing to match unique needs. These specialized systems save time, minimize errors, and ensure compliance, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency. This allows businesses to focus on core operations, leading to a more productive and profitable operation overall.

Tailored Payroll Solutions for Specific Industries

Discover PEO Solutions for Your Business




  • Payroll for Salaried & Hourly Employees

  • Vendor & Contractor Payments

  • Employer Payroll Tax Fillings

  • W-2 & 1099 Filings

  • Unemployment Insurance Filings

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance

  • 24/7 Support

Ideal for: Small businesses with straightforward payroll needs.




  • All features of the Essential plan, plus:

  • COBRA Administration

  • Health Advocacy Services

  • Minimum essential coverage (MEC)


Ideal for: Growing businesses with more complex tax requirements and reporting needs.

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